Adding Curb Appeal (and Value) to Your Home

Posted by editor on July 3rd, 2015

Add Value to Your Home

Home DIY projects can be fun, and are often even more fun when the finished product has a lasting impact on the visual attractiveness of your home. Simple improvements to the outside of a home can increase curb appeal, home value, and pride in ownership.  The following are a few tips that have been found to spice up the outside of your home for $50 or less.



1. Paint the front door.

A front door that matches, or blends into the facade of your home can be boring.  One way to brighten the entrance to your home is by painting the door a color that coordinates with, but still stands out against, your home’s color. Bright blue and red can be great options for a front door because they draw attention to your home and help to give it a fun, attractive, and welcoming facade.

Cost: $25 for a gallon of paint, plus a few hours of your time.

2. Jazz up the mailbox.

After the front door, a mailbox is another awesome place to use color.  A simple can of spray paint will do the trick in this case.  Just like in the case of the front door, paint the mailbox a color that contrasts with but still coordinates with your home’s primary color.  You can also attach new house numbers to the mailbox in a contrasting color for even more visual appeal.

Cost: Around $20 to $30 for a new mailbox and $5 for a can of spray paint

3. Add porch furniture.

If your home has a nice front porch, you can really add to your home’s appeal by adding a porch swing, rocking chairs, or other furniture.  While new porch furniture can be expensive, buying used furniture or repairing old furniture is a great way to make your home more appealing and functional while staying on budget.

Cost: $20 to $40 for furniture, and $10 to $20 for a can of paint to touch it up.

4. Decorate with potted plants.

Green plants and healthy flowers can really add attractiveness to your home.  While some prefer to have homes with well-kept landscaping, potted plants can add just as much to a home without the work of maintaining a large garden or landscaping project.  Place large pots near the steps or your front door, or hang plants from the roof of the porch.  Save money on pots by spray painting cheaper terra cotta pots, or purchase second hand pots.

Cost: $20 to $50, plus time devoted to watering and upkeep of the plants.


For more tips on how to give your home’s curb appeal a boost, click HERE.



Office Hours | Memorial Day 2014

Posted by editor on May 22nd, 2014

Office Hours

In observance of the Memorial Day Holiday, the offices of Pinnacle will be closed on Monday, May 26th.







Top Lists | Organization

Posted by editor on April 8th, 2014

Genius ways to de-clutter your closet

1. Hang boots with pant hangersoverflowing-closet
2. Shower curtain hooks for handbags
3. Pool noodles to keep boots standing
4. Reverse your hangers to see what you really wear
5. Hang heals with crown molding

Find out more ways to organize your closet by clicking HERE!
What are ideas you use to organize your closets?


MTA Annual Convention- Booth Design Winners!

Posted by editor on March 26th, 2014

Booth Design Winners

Guess what!?!
We won the BEST BOOTH DESIGN award for the SECOND year in a row at the MTA Annual Convention! Companies were asked to create a nautical look for their booth to go with MTA’s “Charting Your Course” theme.

What an awesome day; we had so much fun at MTA’s Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Pinnacle employees pictured L-R…Lori Otis, Shelly Geerdes, Rosie Berg, and Steve Lalli.

What Is Bullying In The Workplace?

Posted by editor on February 13th, 2014

Bullying May Be More Common Than You Realize!


Workplace bullying can have negative physical effects on people if not handled right away. High blood pressure, depression, loss of sleep or even suicidal feelings are just a few of those effects people may experience if faced with a bully. Today, the MTA (Minnesota Telecom Alliance), gave a presentation to the employee’s at Pinnacle discussing what makes a bully, the emotional and physical impact of being bullied and how to deal with the situation.

Click HERE to find out more and how to recognize and handle bullying in the workplace.




Thank you MTA for raising awareness about workplace bullying!