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Written by editor on February 29th, 2012

Marketing Methods and Trends – What’s New for 2012?

This year  experts are saying there are five marketing methods and trends to watch for in 2012:
Social Marketing Integration, Mobile Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Customer Relationships, Reputation Management
(According to stats from National Positions, 90% of consumers trust online reviews and 78% do research about a company online before purchasing a service).

A recent study estimates that by the year 2015, there will be more mobile internet users than PC users.

“Online and mobile technology has wonderful potential for the future.  But it doesn’t come to life without comprehensive, accurate, and timely local data.  Who has the most complete set of that data now?  Not Google.  It’s the publishers.  A “Yellow Pages” can be in a book format, something running on your mobile phone, or searched online.  But at its most basic element, it’s all about the data, not the delivery mechanism. No one, no other media industry, has a source like this.”

“You’ve all heard that everything digital will be the rage again next year.  Digital advertising will make up more than 20% of all ad spending in 2012 and will account for half of all growth, predicts ZenithOptimedia. Yes, you need to be in digital, but it’s not time to give up on print yet.  Remember, it’s just another delivery mechanism. What keeps print going??  Things like natural disasters help.  And disasters will again occur in 2012.  For example, this past October, when an unseasonal snowstorm hit the Northeast from New Jersey to Maine, call tracking supplier Telmetrics found that local consumers flocked to their phone books to find a wide variety of important business services.  Call volumes shot up more than 18% across the region as a result of the storm, with Connecticut seeing a nearly 47% increase.”

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