Blogging ABC’s

Posted by editor on November 30th, 2011

Blogging ABC’s

by Heidi Cohen

Blogs stand at the crossroads of social media and content marketing. In addition to providing a content marketing platform for businesses and individuals, blogs provide an outpost for social media participants in Chris Brogan’s view.

For newbies and oldtimers alike, bloggers are always looking for new insights to help take their blogs to new heights. Here are more than twenty-six blogging tips.

A is for advertising bloggers use to monetize their blog. Bear in mind blog ads can wear out faster due to the frequency with which readers visit. Therefore create contextually relevant ads that change over time. A is also for affiliate marketing, a form of merchandising that leverages the content on your blog. Archives are the ever-growing collection of posts you’ve written over time.

B is for the blog and its blogger at the heart of the blogging process. B is also for blogosphere, the entire blogging community. Additionally, B is for blank screen syndrome, the paralysis that hits bloggers when they’re sitting in front of an empty screen with no idea of what to write for their next post.

C is for the comments every blogger wants. For many bloggers and executives alike, comments are a sign your blog is popular. (Unfortunately, comments don’t necessary translate into sales.) Respond to blog comments to engage readers in a conversation and fully leverage the social media potential of this format. Categories are the major topics around which a blog is developed. C is also for call-to-action that informs readers of what to do.

D is for design elements. When you start a blog, there are lots of design decisions required that determine your blog’s presentation. So don’t skip this phase.

E is for editorial calendar around which you plan your blog posts over time to ensure coverage of specific topics. E is for engage which bloggers do by blogging and responding to comments. (It also helps to comment on other blogs.) E also stands for email address lists that allow you to deliver your content via email.

F is for frequency referring to how often you write posts. While some bloggers subscribe to the when-the-spirit-strikes school of blogging, research shows you should blog at least two to three times per week. What’s most important is being consistent in your timing so readers can develop the habit of visiting your blog.

G is for goals. Blogging like any other marketing strategy requires goals. In short, what do you want your blog to accomplish? G is also for guest posts, the articles you write on other people’s blogs or that other people write on your blog. It’s a great way to broaden your audience.

H is for hat tip. In blogging-speak, this is recognizing someone for their help. It’s important since it acknowledges people whose content you’ve used or who’s thinking influenced yours. Click to continue »


Top 5 Creative Business Names

Posted by editor on November 29th, 2011

Top 5 Creative Business Names

Each week our Sales Support Staff encounters hundreds of business names. Here are the submissions for “Top 5” most creative business names they have seen this week.

1. Cut it Out – Winfield, IA
2. Cuttin’ Loose – Winfield, IA
3. A Head of the Rest – Mt Pleasant, IA
4. Under your Hat – West Point, IA
5. A Hair Off Main – New London, IA

Learn more about these clever entrepreneurs at!

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Business of the Week: New Prague Animal Care

Posted by editor on November 28th, 2011

New Prague Animal Care

At New Prague Animal Care, Dr. Lavallee and his staff provide quality medical care to your pets in a friendly, patient, clean and caring environment. They understand that every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Their staff will do their best to keep your pets comfortable during their visits to the clinic, and work hard to keep their visits as stress-free as possible. 

New Prague Animal Care welcomes you to come and visit their clinic and meet their staff. They have been providing experienced veterinary, surgical, boarding and grooming since 2004 to New Prague and the surrounding communities.

For your convenience, you can schedule a drop-off appointment for your sick pet.  Dr. Lavallee will examine your pet in the clinic and contact you at work or on your cell phone to let you know if there are any recommended tests or treatments necessary to make your pet feel better.

 New Prague Animal Care
415 4th Ave NW
New Prague, MN 56071
Phone: 952.758.6722

Check out their business profile on!

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Wellness Challenge

Posted by editor on November 27th, 2011

Wellness Challenge | Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Adding even one positive addition to your daily life can have an important impact on your life whether it’s mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Challenge yourself to complete these weekly challenges and create new positive habits in your life!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Why it matters:
We’ve all heard it at some point “Did you eat a good breakfast?”, but why is this meal so important? Research shows that when a health breakfast is consumed, it can help concentration, productivity, problem-solving skills, creativity and aid in successful weight loss. But what is a healthy breakfast? Whole grains, low-fat protein (eggs and peanut butter), low fat dairy (low-fat yogurt, skim milk) and fruits/veggies. So, tomorrow when you are getting ready, don’t forget to grab yourself a healthy and yummy breakfast!

 Original content found HERE does not promote these activities to replace any medical advice or routine set in place by a physician and that attempting the following activities are done so at participants own risk.

Directories Coming Soon!

Posted by editor on November 24th, 2011

Directories Coming Soon!

South Dakota Regional- #101207
South Dakota
Venture Communications Cooperative
Valley Telecommunications Cooperative Assn.
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Hooper – #044400
WesTel Systems
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Minnesota Gold – #038086
Paul Bunyan Communications
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Amelia – #076046
TDS Telecom
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