Finances & Business!

Posted by editor on September 27th, 2016


$$$-What feeling comes to mind when you see these signs? Excitement? Stress? Dealing with finances is never an easy task. When you are trying to run a household or even a business, it is very stressful. It doesn’t have to be! Set aside time to go over your budget.  This will allow everyone to be on the same page. Managing your books will be the most challenging part. You need to be smart about who is keeping track of each transaction. Hire someone to help with all the finances. This will make it easier on you as the business owner to manage the rest of the business. You will still be included in the decisions however you will have someone who is focusing on your books to keep the company flourishing. Plan Ahead!  Start paying bills earlier then the due date. This will help reduce stress when the busy season sneaks up on you. Be Smart! Knowing what is going on in every aspect of your business is important. As long as you make wise decisions you will grow and your company will succeed.


Take a Breath, Listen, Customer Service!

Posted by editor on September 20th, 2016


“When customer service is given the credence it deserves, only then do companies get to see what “word of mouth” is all about.”

Frustrated? Upset? Have you ever had a bad experience with a business that left you not wanting to come back? Customer service is very important to any company. Educating yourself and knowing how to approach problems to receive the solution both parties want is the main goal. When addressing an issue it may be hard to know exactly what avenue to take with a customer that is upset. You know exactly how it feels to be the other person on the other end of the phone. It is your job as a customer service extraordinaire to take the proper steps. The CARP method is a 4 step method that can help you in a difficult situation. When in doubt use the CARP method!-

  • Control the situation
  • Acknowledge the dilemma
  • Refocus the conversation
  • Problem solve so the customer leaves happy

These easy steps can be followed and will assure you receive the results both parties want.



Twitter Marketing

Posted by editor on September 13th, 2016

Twitter Marketing

Did you know that 52% of Twitter users say they’ve bought a product they first saw on Twitter?

Let’s get ahead of the game! What is your go to social media site? I hope you said Twitter! With Twitter expanding behind the scenes, it is vital to use this social media site to market your business or product. 81% of the users on Twitter say that posts impacted their purchase decisions more than TV. Attaching a link to your social media site on your website can notify your visitors you are on social media. This would allow you to make connections with your viewers and potential clients.  Twitter is taking the lead promoting businesses and products. Connect your business with social media today!

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Cost Per Click: Facebook Campaign

Posted by editor on September 6th, 2016

Cost Per Click

FREE! Enter to Win! Did these words get your attention?  Placing words like these in a Facebook Campaign can help drive traffic to your website and in turn could be a great investment. By attracting more visitors to your ads it will only benefit you in the long haul to a successful business because the more visitors you attract to the site, the lower your cost per click will be. Open your horizon for a large group. Don’t restrict yourself to one market. By reaching out to a larger audience, you will reach out to a larger group of mobile devices and computers. Think about a product or service that aligns with what you offer that will bring your audience in. The more people who like what you are offering, the more the network will grow. This is a domino effect. You are in control. You can decrease your cost per click on your next Facebook Campaign.


How to reduce physical stress at work

Posted by editor on August 30th, 2016

Reduce Stress

“Ergonomics is the science of designing the workstation to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the worker.”

As the weather changes from beaches and sunshine to pumpkins and sweatshirts, the time will soon change but will you be able to keep up? You spend most of your day, week and year at work. Adjusting some things can reduce physical stress as the days become colder. Using ergonomics may help you reduce the physical stress that you didn’t know you had. Examples include drinking plenty of water and avoiding sitting for a long period of time. Be nice to your body and take stretch breaks! Explore more Ergonomics tips by clicking the link below!